Problem Solving – Effective Solutions for Common Dog Problems

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Aufgezeichneter online Vortrag. Laufzeit: 1:24:22 (Nur bei uns in der Mediathek zu sehen)

Auf dem Internationalen Hundesymposium von animal learn im November 2022 hielt Winkie Spears einen hervorragenden Vortrag, der im englischen Original angesehen werden kann.

Problem Solving

For nearly 20 years Winkie Spears is working as a professional dog trainer in London, UK. There are some issues that come up again and again with her clients, the most common of which are separation anxiety, barking, recall, fear, pulling on lead and over excitement. These are often symptoms and it’s important to address the underlying cause of issues for a happy outcome. Essential to find out as much as possible about the individual dog and their family, the daily routine, state of health and how to gather this information. Winkie is also discussing, how she works with clients to help them in making changes in their approach and routine with their dogs.